The AMP Summit, sponsored by the Ontario Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, is held every three years with the following objectives:

1. To celebrate God’s goodness and leading for the past three years and beyond.
2. To keep the AMP leaders’ passion for Christ and His work continually ignited.
3. To train leaders for effective Adventurer, Masterguide, & Pathfinder (AMP) Ministries
4. To foster spiritual unity and teamwork among ministry leaders.
5. To come up with strategies and fresh ideas in bringing AMP Ministries to the next level.

Who is expected to attend?
All Adventurer and Pathfinder leaders, Master Guides, Master Guide Trainees (MGTs), pastors, and interested church leaders, who are passionate about mentoring children and youth to become true disciples of Christ.

What benefits will you get from attending?
Be abreast of the current trends in children and youth culture, learn innovative ideas from topnotch speakers and presenters, and take part in mapping out plans to help churches in Ontario to minister to millennial children/youth effectively. In addition, you will get credits towards your Master Guide recertification program, Master Guide Leadership course, Adventist Youth Ministries Training (AYMT) for Pathfinder leaders, or Adventurer Leadership Growth (ALG) requirements (whatever applies).