Excellence in Ministry Award

Excellence in Ministry Award

Nominee Information


Dear AMP Leaders:

Greetings in Christ’s precious name!

The Ontario Conference AMP Ministries Department will be recognizing Adventurer, Pathfinder and Master Guide leaders who have impacted their church and community positively for Christ, particularly the lives of children and youth.   In this regard, the Excellence in Ministry Award was created to be presented at the 2nd AMP Leadership Summit on September 28-30, 2018 at the Sheraton Parkway Hotel in Richmond Hill, ON.  We will recognize those who have distinguished themselves as spiritual leaders in Adventurer, Pathfinder, and Master Guide Ministries, AMP Evangelism and Community Outreach.  We are limited to one honoree per district per ministry category, therefore please submit only one name from your club and the Selection Committee will choose one awardee from the club submissions to receive this award.

If you have a name to nominate, complete and send the attached nomination form to the AMP Ministries Department of the Ontario Conference no later than June 28, 2018.

The following are processing guidelines for award nominees:

  • Submit nomination form including a brief autobiography of nominee and state reason for the nomination
  • Incomplete form will be returned.
  • Send nominee form to the Ontario Conference AMP Director by Thursday, June 28, 2018:

        Email: emartin@adventistontario.org         or Fax:  905-571-5995

        Or Mail to:

        Pastor Edwin Martin

Ontario Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

1110 King Street East, Oshawa, ON L1H 1H8


  • All submissions will be acknowledged by e-mail only. If you do not hear from the AMP Department within one week of submission, please call our office and inquire with Edith Habaradas (905-571-1022 x 212).
  • Without exception late submissions will not be accepted!
  • Prospective awardees should register and attend the AMP Summit on Sept. 28-30, 2018.
  • Criteria in selecting the Excellence in Ministry awardees will be as follows:

* Passionate spirituality – continually growing in Christ

* Integrity

* Character is above reproach

* Well-mannered (not rude)

* Dearly respected

* Diligent and prompt

* Has done great things that is above and beyond his/her basic duties as a ministry leader

* An exemplary leader or worker

* Upholds the ideals of AMP ministries

* Is a baptized Adventist member who upholds Christ and the teachings of the Church as summarized in the 28 Fundamental Beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

* Is an invested Master Guide with fruitful years of service